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The Best 12 NFT Valuation Tools & NFT Rarity Platforms

The Best 12 NFT Valuation Tools & NFT Rarity Platforms

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have taken the digital world by storm. From collectibles and virtual art to trading and investing options, NFTs can now be used for various reasons. However, it’s still quite challenging to determine every single token’s actual value. So many factors influence NFT prices that their research and analysis can be time-consuming. Thus, making informed decisions based on NFT prices can be difficult.

In this scenario, some community members decided to create tools to help NFT enthusiasts to overcome these challenges. The platforms allow their users to estimate NFT values, calculate their rarity, and compare them to other offers on the market. 

So no matter if you want to make a purchase or mint your NFT as a creator, with this post, you will be able to choose the right tool and take advantage of it to succeed.

What are NFT Valuation Tools?

NFT valuation tools are applications that allow users to determine the value of a given non-fungible token. These tools consider various factors such as rarity, history of transactions, blockchain data, creator’s reputation, and more. 

Some valuation tools also enable users to compare similar NFTs on the market or get information about newly created projects. With these resources, NFT investors can find out if the transaction they are planning will bring them the results they expect. They are helpful for both sellers and buyers.

There are a variety of NFT Valuation platforms that provide different features and user experiences but aim to accomplish the same goal. Some of them are free to use. Others require a subscription to access all the advanced functionalities that could be insightful for the NFT investor. Their main goal is to help people find lucrative occasions on the market. Below, we list the most well-known, reliable tools for NFT pricing. However, before we begin, let’s discuss another important matter.

Understanding NFT Rarity

Unlike cryptocurrencies, each non-fungible token is unique. In digital space, crypto works like money, but NFTs resemble physical objects like pieces of art. Therefore, the rarity factor significantly impacts the price of NFTs.

Rarity refers to the uniqueness and scarcity of a particular token. For example, a one-of-a-kind NFT created by a well-known artist will likely be considered more valuable than a standard token similar to many others on the market. The same goes for NFTs that are a part of limited collections. A few tools can help establish the rarity of non-fungible tokens. So, without further ado, here are tools for NFT valuation and checking NFT rarity.

12 NFT Valuation and NFT Rarity Platforms

We want to showcase a broad range of NFT valuation tools and rarity platforms. Some of them have multiple features, while others are simple and focused on one objective. You will learn what they offer and which of them requires payment to be accessed.

Deep NFT Value

This platform uses machine learning to estimate prices of various NFTs in Blue Chip collections and less popular groups of tokens. It also showcases the best offers, current discounts, history of price changes, and other data that might influence the market fluctuations for chosen NFTs. It’s an easy-to-use app with straightforward navigation and a simple design.

NFT Valuations

NFT Valutaions is a tool still in its beta phase with the primary objective of displaying comprehensive data on non-fungible tokens. It showcases a lot of different charts and numbers that present the historical changes and current situation of the chosen NFT. The platform also offers portfolio management to help users control their token collections and observe their return on investments.

Value.App calculates NFT value by pasting their ETH address or Ethereum Name Service (ENS domain in the platform. It also enables wallet connections to be up-to-date with one’s NFT portfolio. It’s a free-to-use service that will be great for beginners. The first piece of data displays the minimal price of the chosen token.


Omnimint is a complex tool that, besides market insights and a knowledge base for NFT passionates, provides an NFT drop calendar. The latter is a feature that presents the most exciting and promising new projects to come. This way, investors can prepare themselves and purchase fresh tokens at the right moment to get the best possible deal.


OpenSea is currently the most popular NFT marketplace and also comes in handy when looking for valuation stats for non-fungible tokens. The platform allows users to browse through new collections and filter them based on factors, including rarity, graphic traits, price, currency, and more. In addition, it provides a calendar of future drops and rankings of the most popular collections. After the user makes their decision, they can perform an NFT exchange transaction without leaving the app.


DappRadar is a highly advanced platform full of tools not only for NFT investors. It offers a plethora of functionalities that utilize non-fungible tokens, other types of tokens, DeFi apps, and games. In addition, it provides rankings of the most major decentralized projects based on numerous criteria. The analytical part of the website is full of insights perfect for buyers that want to get detailed data on NFT value. Also, it provides a portfolio tracker. To estimate the price of NFT, users can also access a dedicated estimator. The platform is free-to-use, so it’s worth paying it a visit.


The Rarity.Tools platform is highly engaged in promoting unique, artsy NFTs. It favors new collections and announces the latest releases. In contrast, other mentioned apps focus on displaying data and could be more visual, Rarity.Tools is all about presenting the graphics in the best possible way. However, it doesn’t mean it won’t be helpful for investors that need specific information about NFTs. While browsing for NFT occasions, tokens can be filtered by various factors, including graphic elements, market volume, and average price. Every creator that wants to get their NFT listed within the platform has to pay 2 ETH or 20 SOL.


Icy.Tools is a platform that offers free and paid membership. The latter has additional features like notifications, wallet tracking, customized watchlists, and more detailed data displayed for the user. It’s a user-friendly NFT-observing platform that allows its members to look through current market trends, discover new NFT projects, and compare the latest transaction offers. It’s also a place for creators that want to mint their artwork.


Another analytical tool that presents the freshest NFT data in real time is Moby. It provides valuable insights into current market changes and statistics that can be refreshed every 10 minutes. However, to get access to advanced features like that, the user has to pay a subscription fee of 0.1 ETH every six months. Without that, the main website only displays general information. However, Moby is an excellent tool for NFT monitoring, investment alerts, and news about the latest mints. So the subscription can be justified.

Trait Sniper

Trait Sniper is not only an NFT valuation and rarity platform. It’s a whole ecosystem for non-fungible token transactions and data. They claim that each NFT revealed to the public gets its rarity ranked within 30 seconds. Their users get alerted about every market change they are interested in. Then, they can also use the exchange app for NFT-related transactions. The service comes in two versions – free and paid. Lifetime access passes can be purchased in the form of NFTs; that’s why their prices can vary. Their holders get access to the full version of the platform and its advanced features.

Rarity Sniffer

Rarity Sniffer is a free-to-use platform that mainly focuses on new NFT collections and estimating their rarity. They also claim they provide accurate information on fresh mints seconds after release. The app has a simple interface, but there’s an extension to it that can be even more useful for NFT investors. Rarity Sniffer runs its Discord channel, which allows its members to get even more up-to-date information, sometimes before the NFTs are even released to the public eye. The NFT creators must fill in a Google form to get listed.

Rarity Sniper

The next app, Rarity Sniper, has a similar name and purpose as the previous one. This straightforward website promotes the latest NFT collections, ranks their rarity factors, shares calendars for new premiers, and publishes news from the NFT world. Creators that want to list their NFTs can also use a Google form to send a request. Rarity Sniper has a prominent community and puts a lot of effort into building it. It offers a very active Discord channel with more than 300 thousand members.

How to pick the right NFT valuation tools?

As you can see, there are many apps to choose from. Some of them are simple. Others can be more complex, offering a plethora of functionalities dedicated to estimating NFT value and NFT rarity and buying, selling, minting, and being in touch with the market situation. 

Many of them are free, but there are a few that require payment to get access to more advanced features. You may wonder which one to choose. As always, the answer is: it depends.

That doesn’t mean we want to leave you without tips on picking the best NFT pricing and rarity app. Our most crucial advice is to analyze your needs and requirements before registering on any of the websites mentioned above. Here’s a list of questions that might be helpful in the decision-making process:

  • Are you a creator looking for a reliable platform to mint and evaluate your collection? Or are you an investor looking for opportunities to allocate your money to NFTs?
  • Do you want to make NFT transactions frequently, or do you want to invest once or twice?
  • Do you want to estimate and purchase in the same place, or do you have separate platforms for that?
  • Is being a part of the community important to you? Will you participate in Discord channels, Twitter chains, etc.?
  • Do you want to estimate the price or rarity? Or do you want more statistics to look through?
  • Do you have any assets to pay for a premium membership, or are you looking for a free platform?

Of course, you can add more questions to this list and rate each app based on your criteria. Remember to follow only some market trends but think through your NFT strategy and pick a platform (or platforms) that meet your expectations.


NFT valuation is an essential procedure for all NFT-based activities. Since non-fungible tokens have become more than just collectibles and long-term investment assets, users want to know what prices they can expect when they want to buy or sell. Rarity is one of the essential factors in the NFT pricing process. Awareness of particular collections’ uniqueness can help users make better decisions and participate in the market with positive results.

The tools we’ve mentioned in this article offer multiple options to support you on your NFT journey. With all the knowledge you gather using our suggested platforms, you can make great bets on NFTs prices on NFTperp. We can be your go-to place for trading digital tokens and managing your wallet. Check out our analytics tool to get current data on prices, volumes, and changes for the most prominent NFT collections. You can learn more at our discord. We wish you successful transactions!

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